Hospitality On May 21, 2011, Colorado Romance Writers hosted their annual conference at Indian Tree Golf Course. Our main speaker was Kara Lennox, Harlequin romance writer. We had Kristin Sevick, TOR/Forge editor, taking pitches. As Vice President, it was my job to pick them up at the airport. This was the first time I entertained […]

Busy Month and Week

This week is Colorado Romance Writers’ Conference at Indian Tree Golf Course. Kara Lennox is the main speaker.  She has written numerous books and publishes through Harlequin. Kara also teaches on line classes, and I have taken her synopsis class which is fantastic. If you get a chance, take one of her on line classes. Many times, […]


Yesterday, I finished my last two papers for Regis. I didn’t realize how overwhelming it would be with taking two graduate classes, working full time and taking an online class through Savvy Authors, but when you think about it, why wouldn’t it? Sometimes I get so excited about projects that I bury myself. So, what am […]