November 15th

I am excited, because today is the launch with my book, Finding Ms. Wright. Finding Ms. Wright contains three novellas and mine is Cassandra.  The e-book version will be out on the 15th and the print later. My story is about the Underworld and the Dragon Demons.  My hero, Eric Wyvern, is one of the […]

Blogging Tour

I am going on a blog tour for the month of November. I have been at and bookofsecretsblog and was honored to be on both sites. I had great time being interviewed and talking about the different aspects of my book, Finding Ms. Wright.   Finding Ms. Wright is a collection of three novellas and mine […]

Happy Scary Halloween

I hope everybody had a Happy Spooky Halloween. I have to admit I overdosed on John Carpenter’s Halloween. I love watching Jamie Lee Curtis be terrorized by Michael Myers. What I like about John Carpenter’s Halloween is the suspense – how Michael jumps out of dark corners, the music and the tension. When movies just […]