Happy Holidays

Today is Christmas Eve and a cold winter morning in Colorado. A storm is approaching and I’m for a White Christmas. We need it so desperately here. I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays, safe traveling and a wonderful time. I’d like to thank all of my readers this year for supporting me and […]

Senseless Tragedy

My heart breaks for the families and community at Sandy Hook Elementary. There are no words that can heal the wounds or change what happenened. In Colorado, we learned to get past Columbine, Aurora and Jessica Ridgeway’s murder by being together, appreciating each other and allowing ourselves to express our feelings. As a community, we try to offer comfort […]

Welcome Lex Valentine

I’d like to welcome Lex Valentine to my blog. She is a very talented writer and in fact she did my book trailer on Betrayal. A very talented lady.   What inspires you as a writer? Everything. The news. Other books. Song lyrics. Dreams. Random stuff I see on the internet. Artwork and photographs. My […]