Down Again

    Once again, I received another rejection from a publisher that I really admired and my heart was broken. I know you’re not supposed to put all of your eggs in one basket, but I did. I really wanted this golden egg.  I now I know why you don’t lust over one egg  – […]

Author Support

What I have found in this crazy world of publishing is how important support is needed for authors. Authors ride a rollercoaster that has ups and downs, twirls and falls, and without it, the rollercoaster would fly off the tracks. I recently got a rejection letter which of course always hurts, but I had a […]

Looking Up

In January, I had many ups and downs. One of the ups was turning 50, yes, turning 50 was actually fun. My friends and family threw me a wonderful birthday party and I indulged in their love I needed it. They roasted, had a power point presentations and pictures about little old me. I even […]