Colorado Legend Dies

I heard about Barry Fey’s death on my way to work today on the Mountain 99.5. Mike Casey was talking about it and sadness gripped me. When I was in my teens and especially in my twenties, I used to attend rock concerts, the majority of them produced by Barry Fey. He was an icon […]

ML Guida’s Haunts

                                                                                                                  Stanley Hotel   The beautiful Stanely Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado is supposed to be haunted. Many paranormal investigators have investigated the hotel including Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.  Stephen King made the hotel famous when he based his book, The Shining, on it. Redrum. redrum, redrum became a legendary phrase. Along with Jack Nicholson’s famous line […]

Love Conquers All

Recently, I went to the Jon Bon Jovi Concert. Yes, it was fantastic. Yes, he was hot. Yes, I loved it. But he also had a simple message. At the beginning of the concert, he came out wearing a sticker over his black t-shirt. The sticker said I support Boston. Like the rest of us, […]

Series Name

I’ve decided to self-publish my pirate series. It is a historical paranormal and I need to have a series name for it. The books are all set in the Caribbean during the 1700’s. There are vampires, demons and witches in the series. I want a name that encompasses all of these elements. It is a […]

M.L. Guida’s Haunts

The Amityville Horror Out of all the scary stories floating around about haunted houses, the Amityville Horror has to be the most notorious – accused of being both a fraud to being a genuine phenomenon.  When I was a teenager, I read Jay Hanson’s book – Amityville Horror:  A True Story – which is based […]