Another Major Moment in My Family

Today was another exciting moment in this of dreams for my family. I graduated from Regis, my nephew graduated from Ralston Valley High School and now, Jake and Holly completed sixth grade at Van Arsdale Elementary. Jake and Holly both won awards and I was so proud of them. Its sad to think this will […]

Battle of the Bulge

The constant battle is a hard one. I’ve tried so many different diets and am gainer, not a loser. Well, excuses are done. I’m tired of having to buy fat clothes and wearing clothes that fit too tight in all the wrong places. Today, I went back on I like this site because it’s […]

Memorial Day

Memorial Day – a time to remember all the soldiers who have fought and died for our freedom. Lee Greenwood’s I’m Proud To Be An American is one of my favorite patriotic songs. It encompasses for me all the deeds soldiers have done for us. I remember the first time I heard the song I […]

Today: Last Day

Today starts summer vacation. I’m off for two months and looking forward to it. Every year I look forward taking walks, enjoying my summer flowers and sleeping in everyday. Glad to not be getting up at 5:00 am! Retire the alarm clock. My dean of students is taking off for a beach vacation and I’m […]

Dark Days in Oklahoma

I’ve worked in schools practicing tornado and fire drills, but yesterday, Oklahoma teachers didn’t practice the drills, they lived them. A couple of years ago, a tornado threatened to hit my school where I was working. Some students were calm, others frightened. A girl held my hand and stayed next to me the whole time. […]

Sadie, the Snuggler

I love it when I crawl into bed and my cocker spaniel, Sadie the Snuggler, crawls up next to me after I’ve had a sad or a busy day. Yesterday was both. She keeps close to my side and seems to say — It’s okay woman. I’m here for you. She’s loyal. Doesn’t ask questions. […]

My Super Smart Sister

I have an electric lawn mower and I had it plugged into the outlet outside, but it died. I kept fooling with it and realized, duh, unplug it so I didn’t become stubby. Nothing wrong with blade, but grass stuck in it. Tried re-plugging it. Went into melt down mode. I have no money for […]

Interesting Meeting

A few days ago, my critique partner, Jessica Aspen and I were sitting in one of our favorite haunts, Mojo’s Coffee House,  in Lafayette, Colorado, talking about Kristen Lamb and her blogs and the conference we planned on attending when a woman commented on our conversation. She was actually a friend of Kristen’s and offered to introduce […]


After four long years, I graduate from Regis University with my Master of Arts in Creative Writing and graduated with honors. I was surprised about the honors, but I know I worked damn hard for it. I obviously didn’t go straight through and took my time. I also practiced what I learned and took other […]