Blogger Book Fair

  I’ll be participating in the Blogger Book Fair and will be giving away a copy of Sinful Delight. I’m hoping A Pirate’s Curse will be available during this time. I’ll keep you posted on new events.

World’s Creepiest Doll

  Many of you have heard about haunted houses, cemeteries or castles, but dolls?  Key West has an infamous haunted doll – Robert, who now lives at the Martello Museum.  The story of Robert has been on the Travel Channel or you can take a haunted tour like I did and hear about his story. […]

Fires Burning in Beautiful Colorado

My heart is breaking for all those displaced from the Black Forest fires and Big Meadow Fires. I keep looking at my home and thinking what would I take if I got a reverse 911 call telling me to pack up, knowing this would be the last time I’d look at my house. More than […]

Scare This Morning…

    Today I was working in the yard, mowing, pulling weeds and trimming bushes and left my gate open. The little snuggle bunny, Sadie, never leaves the yard and she’s stays with me. I was busy fighting with the stubborn weeds when I noticed she was gone. I called and called for her, but […]

Yard Work

Yard work. Its never ending. I thought I’d love to do yard work: moving the lawn, trimming bushes, raking leaves and gardening. Finding its much harder than I thought. I like to plant flowers and plan on going flower shopping today. I love looking out my front door and admiring my flowers in my pots […]

Hello New York, The U.S.S. Enterprise has left. Where are you?

Amazon is doing a positive gesture for their authors by sending reader’s emails to announce authors’ new releases. They boarded the U.S.S. Enterprise and left for new worlds of readers. Good for Amazon. They get it. Cornered the market. However, how does the traditional New York Publishing houses respond – they jack up their prices. They […]