Thanksgiving’s Tomorrow Besides eating too much turkey like this poor kitty and wishing I had my Tums at my aunt’s house (her fault since she’s such a good cook and I have no will power), I have to think about this past year.  What am I thankful for? My dad fell off the roof trying […]

The Conjuring

Last night I watched The Conjuring about an investigation that Ed and Lorraine Warren did several years ago. Okay, the doll, Annabelle, freaked me out. What were those two nurses thinking? And keeping the doll and other possessed objects in the Warren’s house. They’re braver than I am. I actually thought this movie was well […]

Year End Splash: The Romance Reviews

Hello Contestants! And Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble, Gobble!   Yes, I know Thanksgiving is a couple of weeks away, but I have to admit it’s my favorite holiday. Not just because of all the yummy food, I love being with my family, drinking adult beverages and laughing. Realizing what I’m thankful for. What I’m thankful right […]

Halloween Contest

I’d like to thank all of you for signing up for my newsletter and participating in Sam Cheever’s contest. I’ve decided to select three winner and have decided on Shadow, Beverly and Nikki. I hope you all enjoy your books. I’ll be doing another contest in November with The Romance Reviews and you’ll be eligible […]