ML Guida’s News: Colorado’s Spring Winter Storm

  Every year I go up to Estes Park with two of my best friends that I’ve known for thirty years. This year was no exception except for one bump: Colorado’s Spring Winter Storm. The weathermen said Estes was going to get twenty-four inches of snow and many of the people staying in our complex […]

ML Guida’s News: Kindle Worlds

Have you ever heard of Kindle Worlds? I had never of them before until my fellow writer, Aidy Award, told me about it.┬áKindle Worlds is actually a publication platform with a twist. I will be writing a story that is based on a world created by another author. In this case, the fabulous and talented […]

ML Guida’s News: Colorado Romance Writers 2016 Retreat

Once again, we had a fabulous time at the Colorado Romance Writers 2016 Retreat at the Amberwood in Estes Park. Fellow authors included: Rena Marks, Lyz Kelly, Jean Jacobsen, Maggie McCullough, Jessa Jacobs, Helen Hardt, Elizabeth Haysmount, and Aidy Award. Meg Benjamin had already left and Jessica Aspen was downstairs. We all had fun and […]