A Pirate’s Darkness

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A Pirate’s Darkness

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To keep her job as an Angel of Death, Poison must retrieve an evil board and the woman using it, but a demon beats her to it and demands she sleep with him or he will vanish with both forever.

Poison has two hours to fulfill her orders received from Michael the Archangel: Locate and retrieve the dark Evil Board and capture the woman has been using it to grant wishes. She is determined to succeed and prove herself a worthy Angel of Death. She agrees to demonic temptation.

Ringmaster is on a search of his own. He is pleasantly surprised to discover not only the Spell Board he has been tasked to find, but also the fledgling Angel of Death he has yearned to sample. When he learns Poison wants the same woman and board, the persuasive demon makes her a tempting offer—sleep with him and have both.