A Vampire’s Christmas Wish

AVampiresChristmasWishA Vampire’s Christmas Wish

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Master vampire, Janus Morano, has searched for centuries to find his lost soul mate. When he finally discovers his true love on Christmas Eve in Hawaii,in Hawaii on Christmas Eve, she doesn’t know him, doesn’t remember her previous life, and doesn’t want him.  Janus must get her to remember him and their love, but nothing comes easy with Deirdre Hahn.

Deirdre is drawn to the mysterious dark stranger, but she came to Hawaii with Brandon Delaney, to heal their broken relationship. Brandon has promised to never beat her again, bending over backwards to be Prince Charming. But the promise is broken.

Deirdre escapes Brandon’s clutches and her only hope is the mysterious dark stranger. Janus vows to help her but soon she discovers his dark secret. He’s a vampire…a vampire searching for her.

Now Deirdre is caught between two desperate men. Not sure who to trust. In order to save her future she must accept her past and when her Hawaiian vacation falls apart and she’s kidnapped, she must learn to trust Janus or die on Christmas.




London, Christmas Eve, 1863

Christmas wreaths hung on the walls and garland with red bows were strung long from decoration to decoration. Two pine trees adorned with gold and silver ball ornaments had dozens of presents gathered at their trunks. An orchestra played George Frederic Handel’s Messiah and couples swirled on the dance floor. Janus Morano leaned against the wall and sipped his red wine, trying not to break the crystal stem. Being a captain of His Majesty’s Army, Janus hadn’t been able to refuse his sworn enemy Major Martin Lear’s invitation without creating suspicion.

Lear, a known rake, waltzed with Janus’s true love, Delores Helm. When Lear twirled her, her tight fitting red gown flew up and revealed her delicate ankles. Crescents of her bosom peeked above the pearls trimming the heart-shaped neckline. Lear stole glances down the front of her dress. Delores laughed and smiled at something Lear said. Janus gripped the stem too tight, cracking it. His fangs elongating, he wanted to fly across the room and rip off Lear’s flesh. But taking deep breaths, he forced his anger back and drained the wine. He slammed the glass onto a tray held by a passing waiter. The waiter staggered. He dropped the tray and glass shattered onto the floor. Two of Lear’s men raised their eyebrows and then spoke in hushed whispers.


Janus snagged another glass of red wine. Vampire killers would be at the ball, except he didn’t know who the hell they were. If he lost it, he’d put both he and Delores at risk.

Stay calm.

The waltz ended and Janus hurried across the room. He’d had to get Delores away from Lear, before he lost control. He bowed. “May I have this dance?” His voice strained with the words.

Delores stiffened and frowned.

Lear gave him a dismissing look as if he were a grunt in his battalion rather than giving him the respect of an officer. Bloody bastard. “Anything wrong, Miss Helm?”

“No, ’tis fine, Major,” she said.

The orchestra began to play another waltz. “Delores,” Janus urged, calling upon his vampire power to compel her.

She raised her eyebrow and he gave up. Ah hell, why could he never control her?

She offered her small hand. Janus clasped it and whirled her out onto the floor before she changed her mind.

“Trying to make me bend to your will again?”

“I’m just trying to make you safe. There are—”


He leaned his forehead to hers. “I don’t know. I haven’t fully developed my mind reading abilities and with all the music and you dancing, I can’t concentrate.”

She cupped his cheek, her hand warm. “You’re jealous.”

He tightened his grip around her slender waist. “Yes, damn it.”

“You’ve nothing to worry about, Captain. I know what Lear is.”

He glared over her head at his opponent. “A lecherous rake.”

“Perhaps, but you’re behaving like an overgrown ogre.”

Her sweet scent of roses set his blood on fire. He wanted her beneath him like she’d been last night, arching her hips as he had thrust his flesh between her long legs. Her brown hair was pulled into a loose bun and soft ringlets caressed her tantalizing neck. “’Tis Christmas, I thought we could leave early—”

“Why?” She narrowed her blue eyes and they flashed red. “The ball has just begun.”

He whispered into her ear. “You must control yourself. Your vampire eyes are showing.”

She jerked her head away. “Stop.” She glared at him, her eyes were the bluest of the ocean. “’Tis because of your jealousy.”


The music ended and Major Lear bowed and held out his hand. “May I?”

“Why of course, Major.” She rested her hand on Janus’s arm. “Could you fetch me some refreshment? I’m parched.”

Janus wanted to argue, but Lear was the host and a fellow officer. Giving her a tight nod, he left to get her some damn punch. How could he get through this ball?

Each time the music ended, Janus traded waltzes with Lear. The man never stopped putting his hand on Delores’s lower back, peering down her gown or leaning too close to her. Rage pumped through Janus’s veins, and he had to keep his hands in his pockets to keep from strangling Lear. The clock chimed at twelve o’clock when Delores finally agreed to leave.

In the carriage, she crossed her arms over her chest and stared out the window. Christmas garland wrapped around the lamp post and smoke swirled out of chimneys. The carriage swayed and the horses clomped on the snowy streets. The silence nearly drove him mad, but he knew better to press her when her chin was tilted and her eyes were blazing. He’d only make things worse.

The carriage stopped and before the footman or Janus could move, Delores threw open the door and marched up to their flat. He shook his head and followed her inside. He pulled off his leather gloves and slammed them on an end table. “You must not be fooled by his charms. He’s a bastard.”

She stood in front of the fireplace and gripped the mantel. “He’s a major in His Majesty’s Army and was our host. I merely was trying to help your career, Captain.”

“By throwing yourself at my rival?”

She tossed her wool shawl on a chair. “You’re impossible.”

“Delores, you’re too trusting, naive.”

“No, I’m not.” She whirled around. “I danced more with you than I did with him.”

Janus scoffed. “You were counting?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

He grabbed her and kissed her. Damn his possessiveness. She molded her sweet body to his and returned his kiss, stirring his passion. God, he was a slave to her. She broke the kiss and he sighed, wanting more, so much more.

She rested her forehead on his chest. “Janus, you have to trust me. I’d never betray you.”

He held her close. “You don’t know men like Lear. He thrives on destroying women’s reputations. It gives him some sick satisfaction. I won’t let your reputation be tarnished. You’re my wife and I won’t allow him to tear us apart.”

She freed herself from his embrace. “I’m not a fool.”

“Delores, I want you to stay away from him.” He lowered his gaze. “For your sake and mine.”

She stepped away and smacked his hand off her arm. “Are you threatening to kill him or me?”

He winced. God, why was everything so difficult with her? “I’d never harm you or let anyone else harm you. I love you.”

Her frown lines disappeared and she looped her arm through his. “I love you.” She reached up and gave him a quick peck on his lips. “But I can protect myself.”

“Delores if anything happened to you, my heart would shatter.”