M.L. Guida’s Guest Author: Kristy Tate

I’d like to welcome Kristy Tate to my blog. Thanks Kristy for stopping by! Swimming Moats and the Indie Business Model This is a post I wrote in about 18 months ago: Yesterday I picked up a book on marketing at the Friends of the Library bookstore. Written in 1986, the book compares marketing to […]

M.L. Guida's News: Moving on and the Rainbow Bridge

Last week, I wrote about losing my little cocker spaniel, Sadie. She was my best friend and always by my side. I have my good days and bad days, and hope to meet her at the Rainbow Bridge. But I have gotten a new little friend to help me over the hump. Her name is […]

M.L. Guida's News: Death of My Bestfriend: Sadie Mae

    On Monday, August 25, my little cocker spaniel, Sadie Mae, passed away. She was twelve years old. Twelve years wasn’t long enough. I miss what we had: the closeness, the love, the companionship. Dogs bark outside. I miss Sadie’s. She’d bark at my door to let her in. I find myself looking out […]

M.L. Guida’s News: What Do You Mean Paranormal Romance Is Dead?

What do you mean paranormal romance is dead? According to the New York Publishers, paranormal romance should be buried out in the graveyard, never to rise again. Never? Really? Haven’t the publishers said this about romantic suspense, western historicals? What do you do if you’re a paranormal romance writer? Give up? Or should you grab […]

M.L. Guida News: Ravaged Soul

Today, I finished the first draft of Ravaged Soul, the second book in the Underworld series. This is Toby’s story. Toby suffered humiliation in the first book. Gryffin Drake degraded him and no one protected him from the most heinous crimes. Toby must learn to forgive in order to heal. Sometimes forgiveness is a hard […]

A Vampire's Fallen Christmas Star

  I’m excited the book is finished, and it’s now in my editor’s hands. I’m looking at releasing it the middle to the end of September. This is the second book in the Vampire on Holidays series. I love rock stars and decided to write about a rock star turned vampire. He’s not a top […]

M.L. Guida’s Haunts: The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary Since I write about vampires and pirates, it was about time I tackled haunted ships. One of the most infamous ships is the Queen Mary, once a luxury ocean liner, located in Long Beach, California. In World War II, she was stripped of her cruise line luxury, painted gray so she’d be harder […]

M.L. Guida’s Villains

Recently, I went to see the movie, Noah, with Russell Crowe. If you haven’t seen this movie, I do have spoilers. I’ve seen posts where he is described as a hero. A hero is someone who risks everything to do the right thing such as firefighters rushing into the burning Twin Towers building in New […]


Tonight is FACE/OFF. I look forward to Tuesdays to watch my favorite shop on Syfy, especially if I have a hard day ahead of me. Today is one of those days. TCAP starts today and I have a group of students I will be testing. It’s a long day for both students and teachers.  Whenever […]

Saying Good-bye to Our Furry Friends

    Dogs are like our babies, especially to those of us without children. They greet us when we get home, they love us no matter what we look like or how we act. When I’ve had a terrible day and pull into the driveway and stick my key into the door, a little black nose […]