M.L. Guida's Villains – Anne Bonny

Another episode of Starz’s Black Sails airs tonight and one of the villains is Anne Bonny. In the Golden Age of Sail, she was as ruthless and heartless as her male counterparts and in the first episode she stabbed a man with two knives when he approached her. In my new book, A Pirate’s Revenge, […]

Starz’s Black Sails

Starz’s new series, Black Sails, debuted last tonight. This is not a Disney version but a genuine pirate movie on the high seas.  Captain Flint of the notorious ship, Walrus, is desperate to find the missing page of a captain’s manifest which would reveal the launch of a Spanish Galleon’s most prized treasure. Someone aboard […]

M.L. Guida's Haunts

Newgate Prison Newgate Prison was one of the most infamous prisons in all of London’s history.  Located on the corner of Newgate Street and Old Bailey, the prison was built in 1188 and was in operations until 1902.  The prison was torn down permanently in 1904, and the current Central Criminal Court building was constructed […]

M.L. Guida's Friday's Villains

M.L. Guida’s Friday Villains Villains. You gotta love them. Star Wars would not exist without Darth Vader. His famous line—I am your father—has become legendary. Darth Vader had a motivation on why he performed such atrocities. He wasn’t evil just to be evil. He would have become a flat character. The best villains all have […]

End of 2013

The end of 2013 is upon us and like many of you, I’m reflecting my eventful year. Like any new business, I had both successes and failures. My dream had been to have my book, A Pirate’s Curse, published with a publisher, but this was dream never materialized. I almost gave up until I got […]

The Conjuring

Last night I watched The Conjuring about an investigation that Ed and Lorraine Warren did several years ago. Okay, the doll, Annabelle, freaked me out. What were those two nurses thinking? And keeping the doll and other possessed objects in the Warren’s house. They’re braver than I am. I actually thought this movie was well […]

Year End Splash: The Romance Reviews

Hello Contestants! And Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble, Gobble!   Yes, I know Thanksgiving is a couple of weeks away, but I have to admit it’s my favorite holiday. Not just because of all the yummy food, I love being with my family, drinking adult beverages and laughing. Realizing what I’m thankful for. What I’m thankful right […]


I’m excited because Nation Novel Writing Month starts next week. I’m still editing and writing the sequel, A Pirate’s Revenge and hope to have it ready for the editor in December. William’s story is definitely coming along. He’s deep into struggling with his new powers and of course, doesn’t want him. It’s up to Mariah, a […]

Hot Mojave Knights

  Hot Mojave Knights was a blast this year. There was knight jousting and a fabulous Halloween party. There had to be over a hundred people and authors gave away baskets and books. One of my favorite parts was sitting on a paranormal panel. It was great to interact with readers and writers.   The […]

Guest Author: Kate Lutter, Blogger Book Fair 2013

Hi. My name is Kate Lutter, and I’m super excited to be a part of Blogger Book Fair 2013 and to showcase my debut novel Wild Point Island, and a fabulous Give-away:   Give-Away during Blogger Book Fair on July 22-26, 2013 To be eligible to win a $25.00 Amazon gift card— Go to www.katelutter.com. […]