Happy Father’s Day

I’d like to wish all the fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day. To celebrate Father’s Day, I went to the Elk’s for the father’s day buffet with my parents, and brought my new friend, Sock Monkey. Yesterday, I won Sock Monkey from author Sandra S. Kerns at the Colorado Romance Writers’ meeting. Sandra has […]

M.L. Guida’s Haunts: The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary Since I write about vampires and pirates, it was about time I tackled haunted ships. One of the most infamous ships is the Queen Mary, once a luxury ocean liner, located in Long Beach, California. In World War II, she was stripped of her cruise line luxury, painted gray so she’d be harder […]


Tonight is FACE/OFF. I look forward to Tuesdays to watch my favorite shop on Syfy, especially if I have a hard day ahead of me. Today is one of those days. TCAP starts today and I have a group of students I will be testing. It’s a long day for both students and teachers.  Whenever […]

Daylight Savings Time, Oh no!

  Daylight Savings. Grumble grumble. Hiss, hiss. Not my favorite time of the year. Especially when its dark in my room and I have to roll out of bed and force myself to get ready for work. I love the fall when I can get an extra hour of sleep, but spring not so much. Spring […]

Dark Promise (Underworld Series)

    I’m pleased to announce that Dark Promise (Underworld Series) is being released from Lyrical Press, which is an imprint of Kensington Publishing. It will be specifically available for release on March 3, 2014. This is the second release of this book. It was original printed with 5 Prince Publishing and since then, I […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

  It’s Valentine’s Day again. Can you feel it? Love and romance are in the air, beckoning you to plunge into a whirlwind fling or rekindle a current one. Don’t have a partner? What better way to fill that void than reading a romance novel? I’m single and instead of feeling miserable about being alone […]

M.L. Guida's Villains – Anne Bonny

Another episode of Starz’s Black Sails airs tonight and one of the villains is Anne Bonny. In the Golden Age of Sail, she was as ruthless and heartless as her male counterparts and in the first episode she stabbed a man with two knives when he approached her. In my new book, A Pirate’s Revenge, […]

Starz’s Black Sails

Starz’s new series, Black Sails, debuted last tonight. This is not a Disney version but a genuine pirate movie on the high seas.  Captain Flint of the notorious ship, Walrus, is desperate to find the missing page of a captain’s manifest which would reveal the launch of a Spanish Galleon’s most prized treasure. Someone aboard […]

M.L. Guida's Haunts

Newgate Prison Newgate Prison was one of the most infamous prisons in all of London’s history.  Located on the corner of Newgate Street and Old Bailey, the prison was built in 1188 and was in operations until 1902.  The prison was torn down permanently in 1904, and the current Central Criminal Court building was constructed […]

M.L. Guida's Friday's Villains

M.L. Guida’s Friday Villains Villains. You gotta love them. Star Wars would not exist without Darth Vader. His famous line—I am your father—has become legendary. Darth Vader had a motivation on why he performed such atrocities. He wasn’t evil just to be evil. He would have become a flat character. The best villains all have […]