ML Guida’s New Release: Touch of Madness

I am so excited to announce that my new release–Touch of Madness–is out. This is the second story in the Magic, New Mexico Series. Touch of Madness will be the teaser to my new SyFy romance that comes out in January 2018. Can you guess who the next heroine will be? Literally – cursed by […]

M.L. Guida’s News: Chain of Love

M.L. Guida's News: Winter Warm Up

Winter Warm-Up Blog Only a few more days until Christmas and shoppers need a break from all the hustle and bustle. Curl up on the couch, have a cup of cheer and relax.  Christmas is such a special time. I love going shopping with family and getting together with friends, but I also […]

Happy Father’s Day

I’d like to wish all the fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day. To celebrate Father’s Day, I went to the Elk’s for the father’s day buffet with my parents, and brought my new friend, Sock Monkey. Yesterday, I won Sock Monkey from author Sandra S. Kerns at the Colorado Romance Writers’ meeting. Sandra has […]

M.L. Guida’s Haunts: The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary Since I write about vampires and pirates, it was about time I tackled haunted ships. One of the most infamous ships is the Queen Mary, once a luxury ocean liner, located in Long Beach, California. In World War II, she was stripped of her cruise line luxury, painted gray so she’d be harder […]

Dark Promise (Underworld Series)

    I’m pleased to announce that Dark Promise (Underworld Series) is being released from Lyrical Press, which is an imprint of Kensington Publishing. It will be specifically available for release on March 3, 2014. This is the second release of this book. It was original printed with 5 Prince Publishing and since then, I […]

The Conjuring

Last night I watched The Conjuring about an investigation that Ed and Lorraine Warren did several years ago. Okay, the doll, Annabelle, freaked me out. What were those two nurses thinking? And keeping the doll and other possessed objects in the Warren’s house. They’re braver than I am. I actually thought this movie was well […]


I’m excited because Nation Novel Writing Month starts next week. I’m still editing and writing the sequel, A Pirate’s Revenge and hope to have it ready for the editor in December. William’s story is definitely coming along. He’s deep into struggling with his new powers and of course, doesn’t want him. It’s up to Mariah, a […]

Attack of the Killer Seatbelts

    Yesterday, I drove six hours in the car with a killer seatbelt biting into my sunburn. Yes, I know seatbelts save lives. But its like riding in a rollercoaster with the bar jamming into you and the strap pinning you to the seat. I adjusted the seatbelt, fought with it. Wore it the […]

World War Z versus Aliens

  My nephew swore that World War Z with Brad Pitt is the best zombie movie, because he thinks the humans are so smart.  I have serious doubts about the humans. Do you remember Aliens with Sigourney Weaver and Bill Paxton?  The aliens were smarter than zombies and the humans. In Aliens, Sigourney and the […]