ML Guida’s News: Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I have been busy working at National Writing Month, and I’m upping the word count on my work in progress! It’s a new scifi romance, which will be out in February.

ML Guida’s Release: A Pirate’s Bane

I’m so excited to announce that A Pirate’s Bane is the fifth book in the Legends of the Soaring Phoenix series. It’s available on pre-order for .99 until November 26th. On November 26th, it will go up to 2.99. This is my second dragon book, but this one, is a red dragon, and Leif has […]

ML Guida’s News: Kathryn Le Veque’s World de Wolfe: A Knight’s Terror

I’m so excited to be part of this kindle world and really enjoyed writing about knights, dragons, demons, and angels. I combined A Knight’s Terror with my series, Angels of Death, and both the archangel Raphael and the demon Balthazar appear in this story. In this book, the archangel Raphael sets my hero and heroine […]

Betrayal, Angels of Death: Featured on Free Kindle Books and Tips

Betrayal, Angels of Death is featured on Free Kindle Books and Tips. This book starts off the series in the Angels of Death. What would you do if the Angel Death came and said change or die? Investigating a line of grisly murders, Heather Bowen will soon have to answer this question.   Scythe’s brother, […]

ML Guida’s News: A Pirate’s Obsession Release Day

  It’s finally released. I’ve worked so long on this one, and I’m so glad it’s release day for A Pirate’s Obsession. This is the fifth book in the Legends of the Soaring Phoenix series, and this is where you’ll find out about undines. I fell in love with their myth, but adapted it to […]

ML Guida’s New Release: A Pirate’s Obsession is available on Pre-Order

It’s finally here. I’ve been working so long on A Pirate’s Obsession and am so glad it’s ready for preorder. I feel in love with the characters in this book. Ronan is desperate to prove that he’s still a man without his hand, and Angelica has to forget the past in order to reach out […]

ML Guida’s News: Colorado’s Spring Winter Storm

  Every year I go up to Estes Park with two of my best friends that I’ve known for thirty years. This year was no exception except for one bump: Colorado’s Spring Winter Storm. The weathermen said Estes was going to get twenty-four inches of snow and many of the people staying in our complex […]

ML Guida’s News: Colorado Romance Writers 2016 Retreat

Once again, we had a fabulous time at the Colorado Romance Writers 2016 Retreat at the Amberwood in Estes Park. Fellow authors included: Rena Marks, Lyz Kelly, Jean Jacobsen, Maggie McCullough, Jessa Jacobs, Helen Hardt, Elizabeth Haysmount, and Aidy Award. Meg Benjamin had already left and Jessica Aspen was downstairs. We all had fun and […]

M.L. Guida’s News: An Era Is Gone

An era is gone. Ginger Marchesci was the last of her brothers and sisters to pass. She had six brothers: Boone, Fish, George, Albert, Tony, and Louie, and one sister, Mary. One of her most memorable moments was going to Italy with her brother, Tony and his wife, Lucy. When I was a little girl, […]

ML Guida’s News: Mega Anniversary and Valentines Party

On February 15th, I will be asking a question on the Mega Anniversary and Valentines Party. It’s actually the game hangman. You have to guess the word before times up!   All this month, I’ve been in group promotion called Chain of Love with five other talented authors: Sam Cheever, Aidy Award, Sandra S. Kerns, […]